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Giving Back in Action: The Leatherbacks Project

Giving Back in Action: The Leatherbacks Project

Film Support has a long history of positively impacting communities that surround set locations, and every client becomes part of that impact. “Giving back” is written into the contract, so to speak. 

What may seem small money by Western standards can offer life-changing benefits in the struggling communities adjacent to some Film Support locations.

When we benefit from beautiful locations, we want the entire community to reap the benefits for years to come.”  FILM SUPPORT

A recent project in Panama included assisting marine conservation biologist and National Geographic explorer, Callie Veelenturf, with funds for her non-profit conservation organization, The Leatherback Project. 

As the name implies, this project combines scientists, visionaries, and community members in protecting leatherback turtles and other endangered species of Panama.