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Beyond the Screen: Transforming Lives

Beyond the Screen: Transforming Lives

For the Blue Zone Project, Film Support provided logistics and video support in the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone in Costa Rica to film the remarkable centenarians in the community of Los Planos de Belén in  Guanacaste.

 In addition, Film Support’s donations helped with home improvements in the community, specifically for Doña María Norberta Marchena Díaz home.

In March 2019, in the month of March, I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Rossi and her partner Julie Echeverri from the company Film Support.

The reason for the contact was to help with the logistics for a video work on the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone, which consisted of visiting the homes of several elderly people over 100 years old. One of the people we visited was María Norberta Marchena Díaz, a resident of the Community of Los Planes de Belén in the Canton of Carrillo, Province of Guanacaste.

I remember well that on that visit, Sara accompanied me, in a few seconds she could see the extreme poverty in which Norberta and her son Santos Ángel lived, a small house with a dirt floor, with walls already rotted by the passage of time, leaks in its The roof was rusty, and there was a shortage of food.

In a campaign that we started from our organization Asociación Península de Nicoya Zona Azul, we had an important contribution from Film Support, money that was used to purchase materials and pay for labor for the improvements to Doña Maria Norberta’s home.  A few months later, at the end of the improvements to her house, a big smile appeared on Doña María Norberta’s face. She sent thousands of blessings to all the people who helped in the project to improve her house.It was a great joy and great satisfaction to be able to see the completion of one more project in favor of the Centennials of the Blue Zone of the Nicoya Peninsula.” Jorge Vindas- Asociación Península de Nicoya – Blue Zone