Meet Our Team

Sara Rossi

Founder/Executive Producer

I’ve had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the most talented directors in the world to create award-winning features and commercials.

 After years of experience as an assistant director in Europe and South America, I saw a need, and decided to focus my attention on providing production services to producers interested in filming in Costa Rica, my adopted home. 

What began in 2007 as Costa Rica Production Support has transformed over the years into Film Support in order to provide our services worldwide. 

I am Italian-born, and raised in Costa Rica. English, Italian, and Spanish are languages that I use every day for work, for sharing ideas, and at home with my family in the United States and Italy. 

I’m a traveler at heart—the definition of a global citizen. I’m also a wife, mother, sister, and friend, and a dedicated practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation.


Julie Echeverri

Executive Producer

I thrive on the diverse talents and personalities that breathe life into every production. Fluent in English and Spanish, I excel in fostering unity and creativity, whether orchestrating large-scale shoots or working with smaller crews. 

For me, success means more than meeting deadlines and budgets—it’s about cultivating an environment where creativity flourishes and every team member feels valued. 

Let’s unite and create something truly remarkable that resonates with audiences and leaves an enduring mark on the hearts and minds of all involved.

With over two decades in the industry, I’ve navigated various roles from line producer to production manager across feature films, network TV, documentaries, and commercials. 

The complementary skill sets that Sara and I have combined with our shared love for film production creates the perfect production support partnership. 

There is nothing we want more than deliver streamlined and personalized services to create memories on screen and projects that inspire.