Sharing some inspiration with you

This extraordinary man is 103 and rides his horse everyday

This extraordinary man is 103 and rides his horse everyday

February and March have been very busy months for us and we wanted to share our inspiration and our success with you.

We kicked off filming in the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the 5 exclusive Blue Zones of the world where people live past the age of 100 years. It was fabulous to learn all about longevity and happy living from these extraordinary residents, while celebrating their life.

Next we filmed a Netflix travel show on Costa Rica's history, culture, food and design ~ the heart and soul of its surroundings and its community.

Lastly we scouted locations for a US feature film and were able to find unbelievably beautiful private beaches with turquoise waters and steep limestone cliffs, picturesque roads for car chase scenes and grand palaces with amazing architecture. Rest assure you can explore all these locations with us for your next projects. 

Julie and I feel incredibly grateful and blessed to share our purpose with you, while creating significant positive impact wherever we can and extending our passion for film production.  Hopefully our success inspires you to reach out to us and allow us to fulfill all  needs for your productions in Costa Rica and in Panama.  We look forward in supporting your future film and photography journeys in every way possible.

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